Ecolodge La Trapananda

Live the Patagonia in the Trapanada

Patagonia Central, the Spaniard that navigated its channels called, “Trapanada,” Charles Darwin called the “Desierto Verde( Green Desert), for this century traveler is the “Carretera Austral.”

Coihues, tepas, millenarian alerces, zone of humid forest, spots of unsuspected beauty, rivers of lava explosion made paths, recent history were is still possible to find first settlers. 

From the corner less populated in the world, you will love its people, their culinary art, their salmon, trout, their fire, warm and conversations, is like going back to the origins. A real adventure….

Hostel La Trapanada, living the Patagonia, is an ecotourism project in 92 acres land located south of the River Cisnes in the XI region of Chile.  The 540 square meters main installation, plus annexed installations with the highest level of conditions will allow the weekly visitors a stay, in which everything is included. The visitor will live a unique experience surrounded by this spectacular natural beauty.  

Trekking, riding, fishing, navigating rivers and lakes, observing the nature, excursions to the snowcap, interpretative paths are activities combined with a gastronomy of excellence that will make you Patagonia experience a unique one.